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90 days diet

The 90-Days Diet

This diet has been developed by American sport doctors. It has no side effects and it's also recommended by natural therapists! The result is a loss of 15-20 kilogramms in 90 days, and it also cures high blood pressure.

This slimming cure, besides getting rid of the extra kilos also changes the functioning of your organism. This can garantee that the lost kilos won't come back after finishing the diet. The cure lasts 90 days. During this you can lose 15-20 kilogramms. If you need to lose less kilograms than this, you can stop the diet sooner, but so the above mentioned changes would not occur.

BREAKFAST is the same every day: some fruits (two apples or pears, peaches or a handful of strawberries, blackberries, gooseberries etc.)

During the diet protein-, starch-, carbohydrate- and fruit-days rotate. The order musn't be changed!

1.Day: Protein-day

LUNCH: boiled or roasted meet- 3 slices (20 dkg)

(Instead of meet you can eat 3 eggs, fried or boiled, or maybe cheese.)

A slice of bread, salad in unlimited measure, without oil.

After lunch, drinking 2 dl of soup without soup stick is a must!

You're allowed to eat cheese and drink milk only on this day.

DINNER: the same like lunch, without soup. Be careful to eat exactly what you've eaten for lunch!

2.day: Starch-day

LUNCH: Any kind of vegetables (beans, peas, french beans, carrots, potatoes etc.). The vegetables must be boiled. Culinary herbs, condiments, sault, ketchup or tomato sauce can be used as well.

A slice of bread, salad with condiments added to taste.

DINNER: the same as lunch, in smaller amount.

3.day: Carbohydrate-day

LUNCH: Boiled pastry with condiments. This can be pizza with ketchup, spagetti with sauce or any other saulty cookies (as much as a portion of pizza)

DINNER: two smaller slices of cake or 2-3 small milk-loaves, maybe some icecream and an obligatory plain chocolate bar!!!

4.day: Fruit-day

LUNCH: any kind of fruit in unlimited measure.

DINNER: any kind of fruit in unlimited measure.

Other useful information:

During the diet once in a month you have to keep a water-day. This comes after a fruit-day and you'll have to continue then with the protein-day.

Coffee and tea can be consumed in unlimited measure, without sugar and milk of course.

After finishing the diet you can eat normally, with the condition that for breakfast you continue to eat only fruits for another 90 day long period. If during this you lose 3 more kilos it means that the expected changes took place in your body.

This weight loss program might sound a bit complicated, but it's not at all!

Nothing should be left out from the diet, all sorts of foods have their own rules and are necessary for the organism.

It might sound quite strange and unusual to eat fruits for breakfast, but it's very beneficial because the body uses the integral sugar in them first, what feeds the nervous system.

Those who suffer from high blood pressure, can skip their medicines after a few weeks of dieting, with the approval of their doctors of course.

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